Visit Often!


In response to the parishoner’s need for Bible studies and resources outside of church, Pastor Umbarger has established this blog (which is linked from our main website:!)

This blog will be frequently updated with:

  • Downloadable Bible study worksheets
  • Comments or answers from the Pastor to questions raised in class
  • Occasional resources the Pastor may find helpful to you.
  • And other notes and items as time goes on.

You are encouraged to make comments or ask questions by ‘commenting’ on the individual posts. (Please remember that your comments are public, so private correspondance with the pastor is best done by another means.)

I hope that this blog will be a great service to the members of St. John’s Lutheran Church and anyone else who stumbles upon it.

For Pastor Umbarger,

Vicar Phil Booe.


One Response to “Visit Often!”

  1. 1 Colin Mildred

    This is a great idea that will further the reach of St. John’s ministry! I truly hope that people will take full advantage of this! Awesome!

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