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In this study we explore the troubling question of how a good God can allow evil to exist, and His plan for bringing it to an end.  We will also explore some of our definitions of “good” and “evil” as applied to people and the things that may happen in our lives. Why Bad Things […]



In this Bible Study we take up the subject of suffering and the Christian.  It is hoped that the students will learn to rejoice, even in suffering, even as their Savior.  They may do this as they follow the example of Christ, in the knowledge of the Father’s love, under the power of the Holy […]

This study on prayer is intended to help students in their prayer life. Pray Without Ceasing PDF

A Bible study on typology and Christ in the Old Testament.  Jesus teaches us that all of the Old Testament Scriptures speak of Him.  In this study I explore just a few of the types that painted pictures of the coming Messiah. Typology And Christ PDF



I am offering the following brief Bible Study on Heaven.  This is the leader’s guide which includes the answers. Heaven Bible Study PDF



This study is intended to help one better understand the biblical teaching about angels.  If your vision of angels has been one of chubby archers and bumbling apprentices working for their wings this study will be eye opening.  I encourage you to take some time to discover the dangers and blessings presented by these spiritual […]